TRAETS is lucky to have a group of donors who have been supporting our work for long. All the good people pick TREATS among many charitable organizations in the local community charity. We believe that the reason is that we share the same belief. We believe in life and equality, regardless of the ability and the background, each child should be able to grow up happily in an inclusive environment.

The connection is so strong between donors and beneficiaries. Other than just financial help, donations also represent a caring heart. In the meetings of monthly donors recently, such connection changed from being intangible to being real and concrete. Donors meet with children beneficiaries from the mainstream and children who are ethnic minority, a short but precious friendship is established through the creation of chocolate art.

First, melt chocolate blocks of different colors and tastes with the help. While the adult took the hot water whereas the two children in the group took turn in stirring, and soon the hall was full of sweet smell. The next step was to test the effort. A person held the bag steadily whereas another person tilted the plate to the appropriate angle. The last group members accurately put the melt chocolate little by little with a scraper into the bag. All three people are indispensable. Finally, you are free to create anything like the pattern, with fruit, biscuits and marshmallows and other ingredients. The final products were all nice and delicious.

All kinds of ingredients put together can create a unique food whereas division of labor makes the process more fun. In fact, it is the same as we living in a society. People of different abilities and different backgrounds participate in the community makes a wonderful society because of the diversity. Yeung-yeung, a monthly donor shared with us after the event, "Integration does not mean that the weak joining the society. They belong to the society in the first place. What we need is that we really be together. This is a long-term work, and through today's activity, a seed of social inclusion is planted on the hearts of the children and the donors.” The seeds certainly make the meeting of the donors and beneficiaries more meaningful.

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