「商界展關懷2018/19」提名期展開! Nomination for Caring Company 2018/19 has kickstarted!

「商界展關懷2018/19」提名期展開! Nomination for Caring Company 2018/19 has kickstarted!



To recognize our coporate partners’ support and efforts, TREATS will nominate the corporates, which have sponsored and volunteered with us this year, for the Caring Company Award 2018/19. The Caring Company logo will be awarded to qualified companies subsequently. Moreover, “Caring Company Partnership Expo 2019” will be held on 20 May 2019 at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. We welcome all corporates, which are interested in collaborating with TREATS in the coming year, to have a further discussion with our team on the day.

Through the collaboration with different corporate partners, we build a more inclusive society for all children in Hong Kong. We are grateful for the unfailing support from our corporate volunteers who walk hand in hand with us.

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