Three vibrant shapes of TREATS symbolize that people with different characteristics are unique and can living together. This is an expression of an inclusive and diversified society.

Established since 1979, TREATS is a registered charity and non-governmental organization in Hong Kong. We are also the member agency of the Community Chest of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.


Our Vision

Creating an Inclusive Society for ALL Children

Service Objectives

  • To eliminate social barriers and exclusion through education, experiential programmes and life experience.
  • To provide an equal platform for children of all abilities and backgrounds to learn, interact, play and work together through contact and experience.
  • To empower and enable underprivileged children with social skills and development opportunities through participation and community networking.
  • To change and alter public perception towards people with all abilities and backgrounds and advocate an inclusive and diversified society.

Target Groups

All children, youth and families, especially those:

  1. With mental, physical, emotional and social challenges
  2. With multiple challenges and learning disabilities
  3. New arrivals & ethnic minorities
  4. From single parent families
  5. From families living in poverty