"Integration for ALL" Community Exploration Programme offers different community related themes for children and youth with or without disabilities to match as a team and work together in different community assignments and tasks. It aims at enhancing participants'  community involvement and re-connect with the community. 

Basic Information

Time: 10 am to 4 pm
Venue: community facilities in Hong Kong
Target: children and youth aged 8-18
Fees: $ 80 per person
Number of participants: 30 mainstream participants
15 participants with special needs (including competency, special learning needs (SEN) and ethnic minorities) (The ratio is about 2: 1)

Programme include:

  1. Groups and schools matching
  2. Pre-activity meeting for Responsible person(s)
  3. Pre-activity briefing session for participants
  4. Pre-activity school visit(s)
  5. Integration for ALL Community Exploration Programme

For enquiries: 2889 1332


Hong Kong Series

Participants will visit landmarks, facilities and historical areas in Hong Kong to discover, explore and learn about Hong Kong local culture and history in an interesting and interactive way.

Nature & Earth series

Participants will explore countryside, going to field trips or visiting environmental protection facilities to learn about nature, green life and environmental protection. 

Hong Kong Style Series

Hong Kong is a busy city with unique culture and lifestyle. Participants are encouraged to discover and experience local customs and the uniqueness of different communities.