Will the bank charge a credit card payment fee?

The bank will only charge TREATS. The donor does not have to pay any fees

If I am participating in TREATS Monthly Donation Campaign and donate by Autopay monthly, will the bank charge a fee? *

The bank may charge a fee, but the fees are different. Please check with the relevant bank.

* Monthly Autopay is only applicable to Hong Kong bank accounts

How do I change donor information?

You can call TREATS donation hotline (852) 3427-2024 or email giving@treats.org.hk to change. The procedure will take about 10 working days.

Is my donation tax deductible?

TREATS is a registered charity (section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, file number 91/1637) in Hong Kong. Donations of HK$100 or above are tax deductible with a formal receipt.

When will the monthly donation receipt be issued?

At the end of each fiscal year, that is, at the end of April each year, we will issue a full year donation receipt for your annual donation and send it by post or email.

Can I use names of other friends and relatives on my donation receipts?

This is possible. Many parents will register in the name of the child as a donor to teach children the concept of kindness, though the actual donor is the parents themselves. This is a good way of practicing.

Where does the money of TREATS come from? What is the financial situation? How will the donation be used?

About 20% operating costs are from Hong Kong Community Chest and Hong Kong Jockey Club Charity Trust. Other services are donated by enthusiastic people and enterprises. Without support from these kind people and companies, some services cannot be carried out. And more than 80% of our donation received are used in direct service.

How can I monitor the work and finance situation of TREATS to ensure that the money is used properly?

You can learn about our latest work by TREATS periodic publications or our website. The annual report will also be published annually to inform the public about our work and financial situation over the past year. The financial report is reviewed by KPMG.

 We have a sound supervisory system. Work and finance is monitored directly by the TREATS executive committee.

Members of TREATS executive committee come from different sectors, including university professors, professionals for children with special needs, people from the business sector, entrepreneurs and philanthropists, and etc.

They will
(1) assess the performance of the head of the organization regularly
(2) consider the agency's financial budget
(3) monitor the fundraising work
(4)  develop a policy for prevention of conflict of interest
(5) develop accounting procedures to ensure proper finance.

As members of TREATS executive committee come from different sectors, this composition can bring TREATS different perspectives. This helps TREATS to respond to social needs more effectively .

Why should TREATS raise money in the community? Shouldn’t the government provide sufficient resources?

Government services focus on the level of treatment, mostly are of remedial nature. There is a lacking of services focusing on children's social integration and social inclusion education.

We are committed to the development of different integration activities and education courses. We do not have the government's regular funding, because we want to go faster and provide more flexible services.

How can my donations help the needy children?

Daily donations of approximately $ 5 ($ 150 per month):
To allow 122 children to participate in the Social Inclusion Education Workshop a year, so that they can learn about a pluralistic society and to eliminate the campus bullying and exclusion, thus to become a new generation without discrimination.

Daily donations of approximately $ 10 ($ 300 per month):
84 children are allowed to participate in community exploration programmes a year. They can go into the community and opportunities are provided for them to get along with children from mainstream, and thus truly participate in society.

Daily donations of about $ 15 ($ 500 per month):
Can provide outdoor experiential activities for 160 children with special needs a year. Children can learn personal and social skills and integrate into the community through creative and team experiential learning.

What is the current situation of children integration in Hong Kong?

We believe that the opportunities and rights of each child to participate in society and to have equal development should be respected. However, in fact, there are 1/3 Hong Kong children facing different degrees of obstruction and discrimination every day.

A society with no bias and discrimination is closely related to everyone. Integration - Acceptance, Equal Participation, Appreciation are the most fundamental conditions for establishing a caring and inclusive society. They are also respect for people and commitment for the next generation.

What can I do if I want to suspend the TREATS Monthly Donation Campaign?

You can call the TREATS donation hotline (852) 3427-2024 or email giving@treats.org.hk to suspend the donation. The cancellation procedure takes about 10 working days.