TREATS Inclusive Scholarship Scheme

TREATS Inclusive Scholarship Scheme aims to recognize and support local youth with all abilities and background to pursue their aspirations in different aspects. By unleashing awardees’ potential and talent through learning and development opportunities, they are empowered for their full participation in society.

Up to 10 awardees for each year. Each awardee will be granted with a scholarship of a maximum value of HK$10,0000 per year. The course / training fees, necessary equipment, meals, travel and transportation expenses incurred by the course / training will be covered by the scholarship amount.


  • Youth with special educational needs and/or from ethnic minorities; AND
  • Participated in previous TREATS‘ programmes/activities who has demonstrated enthusiasm, potential and a positive learning attitude; AND
  • Interested in further their development and learning in sports, arts or design, information technology or other extra-curricular activities

Leung Ka Fai

Ka Fai lost the sight in his right eye when he was 7 months old. He has been through a lot of tough times in pursuing his football dream since his visual impairment has declines in his abilities to accurately track moving objects, to judge distances, and to perceive depth.

This is a story about perseverance.

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Yeung Wai Kuen

Wai kuen has faced mobility challenges since childhood. Despite the limitations, she refuses to let them hinder her life. She was captivated by the beauty of the violin after her first encounter with it. Through years of hard work and dedication, Wai kuen was recognized with a Merit award in the Violin Exam (Grade 4) held by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. The scholarship will allow her to continue pursuing her passion for music.

”Many individuals do not fully comprehend the needs of those with special educational needs. We need the opportunity to showcase our abilities and demonstrate our strengths.”

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Sakina Kosar Esha

Esha was a quiet and introverted girl. Growing up, she struggled with low self-confidence due to bullying and discrimination from her classmates. Despite these difficulties, Esha never lost hope and continued to search for something that would bring her joy and fulfillment.

Dodge ball later unexpectedly entered her life and changed everything. Playing dodge ball not only brought Esha happiness, but it also helped her gain confidence in herself. She found her voice and began to understand her strengths. Esha was determined to make the most of this newfound passion and applied for a scholarship that would allow her to pursue her dream of becoming a dodge ball coach.

She is now more determined than ever to make a difference in the lives of minority youth. She wants to be a role model and give a voice to more minority women, just like she had found her voice through dodge ball.

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List of Awardees