The three vibrant shapes symbolize that every child is unique, representing the importance of an inclusive and diverse society.


The three vibrant shapes symbolize that every child is unique, representing the importance of an inclusive and diverse society.

Established in 1979, TREATS is a registered charity (exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance) and a non-governmental organization in Hong Kong. We are also a member of the Community Chest of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.


Creating an Inclusive Society for ALL Children

Service Objectives

Through TREATS’ social inclusion programmes – which combine education, life experience and social exposure – children and youth of all abilities and backgrounds are given an equal opportunity to participate in society, learn about diversity, unlock possibilities and achieve their potential.

As a charity, TREATS develops social skills and build the confidence of our participants, bridging social gaps for the disadvantaged by expanding their network and creating new opportunities for their development.

TREATS transforms the public’s perception of people with different abilities and backgrounds through community education and participation, thereby increasing the chance of a more equal, diverse and inclusive society.

Service Target

TREATS is a charity, targeting all children and youth, especially those:

  • With mental, physical, emotional or social challenges
  • With multiple challenges and learning disabilities
  • New arrivals and ethnic minorities
  • From families living in poverty

TREATS’ Stories

TREATS has been serving children and teenagers in Hong Kong for 40 years, with the vision of building an inclusive society for ALL children. Throughout the 1980s, we gave ‘treats’ to Vietnamese refugee children, and Hong Kong children living in crowded resettlement estates, promoting the value of recreation and play. In 1990s, we started organizing Outdoor Inclusive Programmes and Youth Development Projects, which aim to connect children and youth with different abilities and backgrounds in Hong Kong. Entering the new millennium, TREATS has been providing diverse social-inclusion-services with an interactive and equal platform, ranging from Education, Community Exploration and Social Exposure Programmes, to youth with different abilities and backgrounds. Annually, around 140,000 children and teenagers benefited from TREATS’ inclusive services on average.

Our Milestones

  • 1979


    Founding of TREATS

    Charity Organizations TREATS

    TREATS is a charity began in 1979, the International Year of the Child, in response to the arrival of thousands of Vietnamese refugees following the end of the Vietnam War. Known as ‘boat people’, they were given temporary refuge in hastily created, overcrowded closed camps. Concerned about the lack of recreational opportunities for these children, a group of private individuals arranged outings – or ‘treats’ – to beaches, recreation camps and Ocean Park. They then turned their attention to local children, providing the same opportunities for children living in crowded resettlement estates. The first logo of TREATS was a kite, symbolizing that all children enjoy having fun, making friends, and playing.

  • 1980s

    Expanding charity programmes to local children

    Throughout the 1980s we gave ‘treats’ to Vietnamese refugee children, as well as Hong Kong children living in crowded resettlement estates, promoting the value of recreation and play. The largest part of our budget was spent on sending children to overnight recreation camps in the New Territories, which were then still open countryside, or for a day at sea on the Adventure Ship. We also started outings for children from special needs schools, which included a visit to Walt Disney on Ice and a visiting circus.



  • 1990s


    Integrated Programme begins

    As a charity, TREATS recognized that the right of those with physical, mental and behavioural challenges to take part in life and to be accepted members of the community was not being met. Accordingly, TREATS introduced a programme of youth development services with an emphasis on integrating children with different abilities through recreation and play. TREATS received its first sponsorship from the Hong Kong Jockey Club for this programme, which became our signature programme, paving the way for our inclusive programmes in later years.

  • 1995

    A member of the Community Chest

    In 1995, the Hong Kong Community Chest began funding our Youth Development Project. The project trained mainstream students and those with disabilities to work as a team, promoting community awareness about social inclusion and children’s rights.



  • 1997


    Ability Awareness Day in Victoria Park

    TREATS introduced a collaborative community project to raise awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities in the wider community.

  • 1998

    End of services for Vietnamese refugees

    With the gradual closure of the detention centres, TREATS ended 19 years of charity service to these children.



  • 2001


    Launch of Inclusion for ALL Community Exploration Programme

    To further connect with their local communities, children and teenagers with various abilities were grouped as ‘buddies’ to participate in different community activities.  The programme developed the participants’ awareness, confidence, social skills and life skills. It also reduced social isolation and changed attitudes towards people with disabilities.

  • 2003

    Launch of Corporate Partnerships programme

    TREATS began establishing partnerships with businesses to promote social inclusion and volunteering and build a more inclusive society and workplaces. Each year, TREATS worked with 30 business partners to create a better society for children in Hong Kong.



  • 2006


    First ever research on Social Integration in Hong Kong

    TREATS commissioned the Child Development Center of the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) to conduct a local study on social integration – the first of its kind in Hong Kong. The “Integration in Hong Kong” research provided many valuable insights, allowing TREATS to adopt a more evidence-based approach.

  • 2007

    Launch of Circus for ALL project

    TREATS set up the first circus team in Hong Kong made up of children with disabilities and corporate volunteers. The project aimed to enhance the self-image and confidence of these children by teaching them to juggle. The children performed at various community events, showing the people of Hong Kong that it is possible to juggle, whatever your ability.



  • 2007


    New image for TREATS

    In 2007 we redesigned our vision, mission and logo, with a new image symbolizing TREATS’ passion for embracing diversity and our commitment to building an inclusive Hong Kong for all children.

  • 2008

    Research on the Impact and Effect of Integration Experiences on the Young Generation of Hong Kong

    TREATS commissioned the Center for Child Development of HKBU to conduct another study on the “Impact and Effect of Integration Experiences on the Young Generation of Hong Kong”. The research findings and results proved that TREATS’ social inclusion programmes were effective in altering perspectives, building confidence in young participants and bridging social gaps for underprivileged groups in Hong Kong.



  • 2011


    Children’s books series Bringing Everyone Together

    In 2011, TREATS published our first set of children’s books targeting kindergartens in Hong Kong. The Bringing Everyone Together series, coupled with our storytelling workshops, help create a caring future generation.

  • 2012

    Launch of Sailing for ALL project

    TREATS’ first Sailing for ALL teams were made up of teenagers with disabilities and volunteers. Team members learnt the skills of sailing together, before taking part in races at sea. The team came second in the Sailability Group in the 24HR Charity Dinghy Race in Hong Kong.



  • 2015


    Launch of Work-based Learning for Underprivileged Youth

    The Youth Mentoring and Work-based Learning Project for Underprivileged Youth enabled teenagers with different abilities or from ethnic minority groups to gain new skills. They learnt through actually working in different business enterprises. It also encouraged businesses in Hong Kong to embrace an inclusive and diverse workplace culture.

  • 2019

    Launch of Dragon Boat for ALL Project

    Sport is a universal language and a wonderful way to break social barriers, build confidence and learn about teamwork. TREATS’ Inclusive Dragon Boat Team, which consisted of students with intellectual disabilities and volunteers, received intensive training before racing in the Sai Kung Dragon Boat Festival 2019.



  • 2019


    TREATS’ 40th anniversary and a new look!

    The year 2019 marked TREATS’ 40 years of service in Hong Kong. We celebrated this occasion with a new image, which also signifies the start of a new phase for TREATS.

  • 2020

    First Hong Kong Inclusive Kin-ball Cup

    In January 2020, TREATS organized the first Hong Kong Inclusive Kin-ball Cup. We believe that everyone, regardless of their ability or background, should be able to participate in sports. Each kin-ball team is made up of teenagers with disabilities and volunteers. Through kin-ball training and playing in matches, they break down social barriers and learn about teamwork and partnership. This emerging sport is played in more than 30 countries and is known as a way to enhance social inclusion for people with disabilities.