Sports build and develop one's confidence, resilience, teamwork and friendship. Sports is always a wonderful way bringing people together, regardless their abilities and backgrounds as it is a common language of mankind. TREATS Sports for ALL! Programme provides a fun and learning opportunity for all participants to collaborate, build up community network and actualise their potential.

Basic Information

Duration: half day / full day
Venue: schools, recreational and sports  facilities in Hong Kong
Target: children and youth aged 8-18
Fees: $ 30 / per person
Number of participants:
- 15 mainstream participants
- 15 participants with special needs (including competency, special learning needs (SEN) and ethnic minorities)
- 15 corporate volunteers

The services include:
● Groups and schools matching
● Pre-event contact and communication for Responsible person(s)
● Pre-event briefing session for participants
● Sport for ALL activities

For enquiries: 2889 1332