TREATS Monthly Donation Campaign 

TREATS children services depended on the support from everyone of you. With the regular monthly donation, we shall able to launch and carryout different new and innovative inclusion programmes for the underprivileged children and youth in Hong Kong to be empowered, enabled, connect with the society and actualized their potential.

Our fundraising ambassadors will reach out public in different locations in Hong Kong to appeal for their support, such as MTR entrances, bus stops and footbridges. Click here to check out the locations of our fundraising ambassadors.

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Daily donation of HK$5 (HK$150 per month):

Enable 122 children to join TREATS Inclusion Education Workshop a year to learn about knowledge and skills on diversity, equal participation, say no to bullying and discrimination, to develop an inclusive value.  


Daily donation of HK$10 (HK$300 per month):

Enable 84 children with disabilities to participate in TREATS Community Exploration Programmes a year to work with  with mainstream children, walk and learn about different  HK communities and develop various life skills.


Daily donation of HK$15 (HK$500 per month):

Enable 160 children with special needs to participate in TREATS Outdoor Experiential Programmes a year to learn and actualize their potential through inclusive day camps, sports and art programmes and activities.


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