Our Milestones



1979 The Establishment of TREATS

Established since 1979, TREATS was first set up for the welfare of underprivileged children, youth and families by providing them with recreation opportunities so to enjoy the same right and happiness as everybody does. The early logo of TREATS is a kite, symbolizing the fun of all children enjoying the freedom to freely make friends, play games and participate in activities.



1985 The First Activity for Children of Ethnic Minorities

TREATS early days ran in the form of a charitable trust fund and it funded and organized volunteers to organize different activities for children and adolescents in need. In 1985, we held the first carnival for the Vietnamese children within the closed camp. TREATS was among the few charities that were able to bring Vietnamese refugee children for outings. With the gradual closure of the Vietnamese detention centres, we ended our 19 years of service for these children, leaving them with happy memories.



1990 Beneficiary of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

TREATS received its first sponsorship from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust for our day and overnight outdoor activities. We aimed at creating precious opportunities for integrating children and youth of different abilities and backgrounds. It was an important grant for TREATS to expand its services.


1992 Moved into current TREATS Office

Moved out from Kennedy Road, we moved to the current office at the Senior Staff Quarters of the Eastern Hospital in 1992. The new premise provided a solid support for TREATS to extending the services and reach out to the children in need.


1995 Becoming Member Agency of the Community Chest

The Hong Kong Community Chest joined-handed with TREATS by providing funds to support TREATS Youth Development Programme. This incubation programme enables mainstream and students with disabilities to be trained and worked as a team to promote the community awareness towards social inclusion and children's rights.

1998  TREATS Patron

Since 1998, Mrs Betty Tung, wife of the 1st Chief Executive, Mrs Selina Tsang, wife of 2nd Chief Executive, Mrs Regina Leung, wife of the 3rd Chief Executive have been Patrons of TREATS during their term of office supported our work on inclusion.


1998 Launch of the Integrated Youth Development Programme

In nurturing our younger generation, we officially began our Integrated Youth Development Programme in 1998. After a series of intensive training sessions and community services, youth from varying backgrounds and with differing abilities became TREATS Integration Ambassadors, bearing the mission to promote integration to their peers and the community.



2001 Launch of the “Integration for All” Programme

To further extend the services to community, students from mainstream schools and those with disabilities were grouped as “buddies” to participate in community exploration activities. This programme increases participants' awareness and participation in the community and reduces social prejudice, isolation and discrimination against people with disabilities.

2003 Launch the Corporate Partnership and Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

TREATS has been actively building partnership with the business sector to encourage corporations to fulfill corporate social responsibility and promote inclusion. Each year, we work with 30 companies or more to build a better society for children.


2006 The First Research on “Integration in Hong Kong”

TREATS commissioned the Child Development Center of the Hong Kong Baptist University to conduct the first local study “Integration in Hong Kong” to investigate the views of the public on “Integration”. The research found that the general public longed for an integrated community and that integration is significant to a child’s growth. The study has also raised public awareness and more understanding towards the subject.


2007 Launch of the “Circus For ALL” Project

TREATS set up the first circus team in Hong Kong, comprising children with disabilities and corporate volunteers. The Project aims to enhance the self-image and confidence of children with disabilities through enjoying the fun of juggling and the circus. At the same time, it breaks down stereotyping, isolation and prejudice and demonstrates the power of integration in the public.


2007 TREATS’ New Image, Re-visited our vision and mission

We re-visited and refreshed our vision, mission and logo in 2007. The new image symbolizes the new energy of embracing diversity and reflects our commitment to advocate an accepting and integrated society for every child.


2008 Research on “Impact and Effect of Integration Experiences on the Young Generation of Hong Kong”

TREATS continued to commission the Center for Child Development of HKBU to conduct the local study “Impact and Effect of Integration Experiences on the Young Generation of Hong Kong”. This was our second research related to children integration.


2009 Serving Hong Kong for 30 years

2009 marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of TREATS. Let’s strive for a more integrated society!



2010 Service set foot in China for the first time

In the summer of 2010, with the invitation of China Overseas Hope Primary School and the support of China Overseas Group, TREATS assembled students of different abilities in Hong Kong and China, held a summer camp in Dujiangyan, Sichuan, and started a new journey to explore the integration.


2011 Published ‘Bringing Everyone Together’ Children’s Books Series

In December 2011, thanks to the support of PricewaterhouseCoopers, we published the first set of children's books for kindergarten children ‘Bringing Everyone Together’ Children’s Books Series to nurture children to become a new caring generation.


2012 Launch of Sailing for ALL Project

TREATS’ first Sailing for ALL team has been formed by youths with disabilities. Team members challenged themselves and broke through restrictions in a series of training and sailing practice. In the same year, the team came the 2nd runner-up in the Sailability Group in the ‘24HR Charity Dinghy Race’.


2015 Published parent book “Nurturing Positive Children: By storytelling & parent-child reading”

TREATS published a book “Nurturing Positive Children: By storytelling & parent-child reading” co-authored by Kris Tong and Joyce Choi (Auntie Choi), to teach parents how to build essential characteristics in their children through the links between the stories and everyday life.

milestone_2015_2 copy

2015 Launched “Work-based Learning for Underprivileged Youth”

The Project develop an enable young people with different abilities and background with an opportunity to work in different business enterprises, to experience work life, learn communication and interpersonal skills. The project also provides real life and personal contact for company's employees to understand the characteristics of people with different abilities or races, so as to establish a corporate culture of diversity and care.