The role and parenting style of parents have a great impact on the development of children. Through interaction and reflective sharing and activities, such as games, talk, role play and discussion, parents learn about different skills and approach to nurture a positive and inclusive next generation.

Basic Information

Duration: 1.5 hours
Target: Secondary school parents
Fee: $ 1,000 per session
Venue: School / Center
Number of participants: 20 to 40 people

For enquiries: 2889 1332


Learning about Emotion Series

Get along with Emotions - Dealing with Pressure

What are the stressors for teenagers facing nowadays? How do we guide and lead our children expressing different emotions? The workshop will walk through with parents of teenagers by understanding their perspective and the challenges they are facing everyday.

Intergenerational Communication Series

Shall we Talk?

Communications is the foundation of human relationships, especially for adolescents. Adolescents go through an important life changes and commonly experience stress, frustrations, self-doubt and peers pressure. As parents, are we ready to listen and talk to them with effective communications skills? 

Intergenerational Communication Series

Handling Parent-child Conflict

This workshop shares tips and ways on dealing with parent-child conflict in win-win situation. Through  experiential activities, role play, discussions and games, parents will learn more on how to establish, repair, and cultivate a positive parent-child relationship with effective and appropriate communication skills.