TREATS Inclusion Programme Application (For Schools)

Thank you for your interests in enrolling for TREATS Inclusion Programmes. Please click and fill in TREATS Inclusion Programmes Online Application, we will contact you for the further arrangement. You may also download the application form (here) and fax to 2898 3395.

With reference to the "Guidelines on Outdoor Activities" of the Education Bureau, some of the accompanying staff will be exempt from the participating fees based on the required ratio. Please refer to the table below for more details. 

  1. For any financial difficulties, you may apply for fee waivers.
  2. TREATS will inform applicants with written notice, once the programme is confirmed.

According to the "Guidelines on Outdoor Activities" of Education Bureau, TREATS will waive the participating fee of accompanying staff based of the table below - 

Students/Staff Ratio
Normal Abilities 20:1 Physically Disabled (Free of aids) 5:1
Intellectual Disability (Mild) 10:1 Physically Disabled (on calipers/crutches) 3:1
Intellectual Disability (Moderate) 5:1 Physically Disabled (on wheelchair ) 1:1
Hearing Impaired 8:1 Visually Impaired 4:1