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Through the format of an interactive school talk, it is designed to educate primary students the key components on social inclusion, e.g. Equal Participation, Diversity, Acceptance and Appreciation in an age appropriate topics in different grades.

Basic Information

Duration: 60 minutes per session
Target: P.1 - P.6
Fee: $800 per session
Venue: School Auditorium/Hall
Number of participants: max. 600 people
For enquiries: 2889 1332


P.1 - P.3

Captain of Inclusion
[IETP 01]

Captains of Inclusion - Little Circle, Big Square and Jolly Bean’s stories will lead the  junior grades primary students to join a journey on inclusion to learn about key elements on social inclusion in daily life. 

P.4 - P.6

Inclusion in Action

Build and develop senior primary students' awareness towards issues on exclusion and discrimination through interactive activities. Students will review and reflect their values and attitudes to avoid stereotyping and prejudice.

P.4 - P.6

Diversity Special Corps

Through interactive activities and stories sharing, students learn about the uniqueness of each individual, thus the attitude and skills to get along with people with different abilities and backgrounds by embracing diversity.