Through interactive talk and activities, students learn important concepts on social inclusion through social issues, cases, examples, games and sharing. They will also given an opportunity to reflect their existing values and attitudes towards people with different abilities and backgrounds to become a more caring member in society.

Basic Information

Duration: 60 minutes per session
Target: S.1-S.6
Fee: $ 800 per session
Venue: School Auditorium/Hall
Number of participants: max 600 people
For enquiries: 2889 1332


Combat Discrimination and Prejudice Series

Let's Break the Wall

Prejudice and discrimination often derived from some irrational feelings and stereotyping towards underprivileged groups in society. This series cover the causes and effects of discrimination through different perspectives so as to enable students reflect on their views and attitudes, as well as to learn how to break these social barriers and their roles in daily life.

Embracing Diversity Series

We are a Family

It is estimated that there are nearly 580 million people with disabilities in Hong Kong (not including people with intellectual disabilities), yet the impression and knowledge towards them are still superficial and limited. Through activities and discussion, this talk stimulates and encourages student to think deeper before making a judgment.

Embracing Diversity Series

Hong Kong People & Color

Hong Kong is a multicultural metropolis with people of different races and cultural backgrounds. But how much do you know about the minorities in Hong Kong? This talk helps students to understand the cultural mix and uniqueness of people in Hong Kong. Students also learn how to appreciate and get along with people with different races and backgrounds. 

Children Rights and Me Series

Disadvantaged Children in Hong Kong

According to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the rights of every child should be valued and protected. This talk shares the current statistics and condition of the disadvantaged children in Hong Kong and how UN Convention on the Rights of the Child applies in HK. Students will be given an opportunity to reflect their role in helping the disadvantaged ones.