Six workshops with different social inclusion topics that based on students' age and growth needs. Activities are highly interactive and relevant to daily life. Students are encouraged to participate, share and involved throughout the workshops. Games, discussion and interactive activities are organised to facilitate students' learning. 

Basic Information

Duration: 60 minutes per session (P.1-P.3; P.5-P.6) / 75 minutes per session (P.4)
Target: P.1-P.6
Fee: $ 600 per session
Venue: School Classroom / Activity Room 
Number of participants: about 30 
For enquiries: 2889 1332



Friendship Buddy
[IESP 01]

Young children start a brand new social life in Primary 1. The workshop helps students to learn about importance of friendship, mutual help and how to make friends and work with with different people.


I Share Your Feelings
[IESP 02]

This workshop talks about empathy and how to understand other people's feelings by identification and expression of emotions. Students will be provided with live examples to discuss and apply in daily life.


Embrace Our Differences
[IESP 03]

Everyone is different! This workshop encourages students to explore and discover their uniqueness. By understanding and respecting individual differences, students learn to accept and appreciate people with different abilities and backgrounds.


[IESP 04]

This workshop builds students’ concept of equal participation and fairness through interactive activities by identifying  and recognizing exclusion and social barriers in everyday life. A simple act can always make a big difference. 


Say No to Peer Pressure
[IESP 05]

Peer pressure is usually regarded as a huge stress for Primary 5 students. The workshop aims at equipping students skills and methods to deal with peer pressure and ways in staying firm by say No to bullying. 


Combating Discrimination
[IESP 06]

Students learn about the causes and negative effects on discrimination through discussion, role play and interactive games. It also enhances students’ rational thinking to combat stereotypes and misunderstandings.