Every year, 120 students from eight mainstream and special schools join together to experience an intensive training and accomplish a series of modules and projects on social inclusion for 9 months (from September - May).  Participants who have completed the training are appointed as ‘Youth Ambassadors’ and will shoulder the mission of sharing their changes and experiences of inclusion to schools and communities.

The training stage is divided into four major modules, including: "Children’s Right & Integration", "360° Communication", " New Experiences on Integration " and "Reach out to the Community". Content covers important inclusion knowledge, communication and team work skills, community networking and volunteering experience. The youth ambassadors will organise and prepare the Journey to Integration Carnival in every May by showcaseing their efforts and outcomes at the grand finale of the Project. 

The Project emphases social interaction, group process, communications, participation and personal development on an equal platform by encouraging young people to reflect on their values, attitude, perceptions and behaviours thus becoming an inclusive new generation. 

Basic Information

Target: Youth aged 12-18
Number of participants: 120
Matching: Each team includes 20 mainstream secondary school attendees and 10 participants with special needs
Fee: $ 200 per person (including training modules, overnight camp fee, meals, transportation and activities)

For enquiries: 2889 1332